My color theory class taught me the sensitivity of color and how strong color use improves the appeal and function of a designed product.

I designed a personal wallet with a monogram of my initials and a personal food container for a delicious snack of pistachio yogurt with dried cherries and crushed almonds. Mmmmmmm.

Wallet Process

My focus:

my favorite color: green

a harmonious and dynamic monogram

improvement on my current one compartment wallet

I made a couple variations on my initials CTW and tried them out in a business card setting.

I then finalized my monogram design and tried finding a color palette that represents me.

final iterations

final monogram

I designed my perfect wallet: a place to hold a precious photo, an easy access pocket, and monogram keychain (I love detachable accessories).

My personal wallet used as an everyday item

Food Container Process

My focus:

find colors that match my snack's healthy ingredients

visually represent the flavors in a playful and delicious manner

design a snacking experience equipped with a mat, napkin, utensils, and snack container

I first researched the variety of hues pistachio, almond, and cherry products come in.

I then played around with pastel colors and abstract shapes. Looks pretty, but these designs don't give off the most appetizing vibes.

Instead of focusing on shape, I tried using lines instead. I found a digital brush that had a thick weight to it but also enough variation.

final visual mark

A mat can help with preventing messes. I used this opportunity to abstract my brush strokes to show the flavors mixing together.

best abstraction + color choices

after further refinement

final design



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